Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Follow-up on Selfridge's Mantihose line | Metro.co.uk

A quote from an article entitled Male Grooming: Setting the Muscle Tone for the Future in the Lifestyle Section of Metro UK:
"Oh yes, and let's not forget mantyhose - otherwise known as tights for boys. Selfridges sold a whopping 50 per cent of its stock in two weeks."
Sounds like, for all the valient attempts at mockery by the UK press, these things still sold like hotcakes. Nothing more to say...


  1. At the rediculously high price the mantyhose were being offered and still they sold like hotcake. Just goes to show (even more) that there is a solid market for mens legwear out there.

  2. Steve

    It kind of looks like the shoe is on the other foot,the media has to eat crow for a change. WQe know what is good and now the media is finding that we are not hot air. People will come to realize that hose for men is ok

    Has the media reported on the sales? I bet not.

    Dave Neeper

  3. I wonder how sales really go in Europe. I hear that women who get on the TV with shorts and pantyhose motivate more men to buy some for their legs. Must be the looks along with comfort. Just watching this lovely video of a well dressed Italian host lady in shorts and pantyhose makes me wanna buy some. Someone in fact commented there that shorts on both men and women would be great.



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