Saturday, December 19, 2009

Away for a bit...

In case anyone was worried because of the low number of posts for the month of December, "No" I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. As I've mentioned earlier, we are working on making some improvements to the look and message of the ActivSkin website, and that has been taking up much of my focus--leaving little time for writing informative and entertaining Nylon Gene blog posts. After the first of the year, I hope to return to the former level of activity on the web. In the mean time, I will not be here to moderate comments until Dec. 24th, as I am traveling with my two oldest teenagers on a youth mission trip as a chaperone, and will be out in the cold in Kentucky working on some helpful projects for people in need. Don't worry... I'll keep my legs warm with some ActivSkin A866 tights under my jeans. So anyways, don't be concerned if your comments don't show up right away. I'll post them as soon as I return.


  1. just make sure you take the camera with you. :)

  2. Hi steve. A876 - A866 not keep warm under jeans. Feel windy days cold effect over knee. A610 more succesful more useful. Please A610 continue with another supplier...

    ps. A8XX's contains add cotton

    Happy Christmas.

  3. Sure would notice you in jeans and black sheer nylon on your legs/feet no doubt! Ive got the gene bad(ly!). Wearing my comfilon black nylon w/ a fly--keeping me nice and toasty in this blizzard! Be thankful youre in Kentucky! :-) Jack

  4. I'm wondering,do your teenagers support and wear "legwear"? Or do they find it odd that Dad wears "pantyhose"?

  5. Back from our trip, which was a great success! 75 youth, plus 7 or 8 youth leaders and 10 adults. Built wheelchair ramps, laid flooring, repaired houses, handed out gifts, visited nursing homes, etc.

    I'm pretty positive no one would have noticed black legwear buried under jeans, work boots and socks, though. Not that it's really a secret in the first place. And yes, they certainly did keep me warm while working out in the cold.

    As for my teenagers, they take it pretty much in stride. While it may seem 'odd' in the sense of not that many others doing it, they don't get all weirded out by it, either. I'm pretty sure it's come up in conversation with many of their friends, and no one seems to be concerned with it at all.

    My daughter has actually borrowed a pair of black tights when all hers were worn out and she thought they were much more comfortable than the ones she wears. I'm assuming none of her friends read my blog, though, since she wouldn't want them to know she was wearing her dad's tights, haha.

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