Friday, November 13, 2009

Men's Legwear: Library of Articles

I've written a number of articles, in press release form, over the past nine months or so, with the intent of having them published to a wider audience. However, I thought Nylon Gene readers may appreciate having access to them here on the blog. The links will take you to my Google Docs storage location, where you can read or download these documents. I would encourage you all to share them with acquaintances, colleagues or family members who might benefit from the many and varied practical benefits of legwear...

Click on links below to be taken to a downloadable PDF document. [NOTE: The list is not yet complete. Check back frequently, as I will post the remainder of the documents soon]

Men's Hosiery: A Little Background

Leg Circulation Problems Know No Gender Boundaries

For Runners, Mantyhose Fends Off Chill, Energizes Legs

For Cyclists, Mantyhose Fends Off Chill, Energizes Legs - July 20, 2009

Hunters Turn to Mantyhose for Relief From the Elements

Mantyhose: Golfers' Latest Weapon Against Weather, Fatigue

Ladies, Does Your Guy Wear Pantyhose? Maybe He Should.

Civil Engineer to Mantyhose Marketer: A Very Unusual Career Transition

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