Friday, August 28, 2009

Saturday's All Right for Tights: Men In Tights, Part 2

The West Palm Beach Examiner has published a followup article on men's tights today. Ms. Abby Waters received such a flurry of comments on her earlier article, "C'mon Show Support: Men In Tights" that she has written a second one. This one is called "Saturday's All Right for Tights: Men In Tights, Part 2" In it, she takes to task the people who shoot verbal barbs at the guys who are wearing tights or pantyhose these days, and also compliments those same guys by recognizing the degree of self-confidence they exhibit by being unafraid to wear something that's so out of the ordinary. Please make sure and read the article, and pay your compliments to the author.


  1. Steve,
    I feel that Abby is on our side and thank you for posting the link to her. I just posted another thank you to her for her support

    You are doing a fine job and I want to thank you for it.

  2. Agreed, David. We'll definitely want to cultivate relationships like this. She also writes a lot of things on You may want to check out some of her work there, too.

  3. I've got two (beautiful) boobs and one brain and I stumbled upon your site via a circuitous route down a rabbit hole. And I've gotta say - why is it a small miracle when somebody sorta accepts men doing the very "girly" act of wearing a product that is useful to both genders? Hey, I try to minimize pantyhose wearing for financial AND comfort reasons, but I'll durn sure wear a pair when I need them. And I'll wear carpenter pants when I need 'em. I've got plenty of stained t-shirts and two good pairs of steel toe boots. I've got the whole world of clothing available to me, boyfriend jackets and couture pencil skirts and everything in between, but let a man put on a pair of hose and all kinds of gender stereotypes threaten to break out. Well, let me tell you - I've been fighting for gender equality my whole life, and that means equal pay for women and equal clothing options for men. If ya'll want to pay $10 for a pair of hose that run by the the time you get to work, well, gosh, I wish you wouldn't - hold out for better quality - but that has nothing to do with your gender. Equal rights means you get the same privileges we do. Don't fall for the "you need makeup to look professional" BS, but feel free to highlight cheeks and plump eyelashes (no, seriously, makeup works on men AND women, and y'all have an equal right to look good) and feel free to wear hose if they make you feel better or look better. And if you inspire manufacturers to produce better products for men AND women, well all the better. Thanks for standing up for what you believe in - as a female, I really do believe that your freedom equals my freedom equals your rights equals my rights. Keep keeping us free (but supported)!

  4. Well, thank you, ma'am. I appreciate your support, and I'll pledge mine for your equal rights, too. One thing, as far as all the gender stereotypes breaking out, I think we're starting to see that disappear by and large (meaning that there will still be plenty of exceptions). Read my recent post titled, "Fall Legwear = Friday Nite H.S. Football". In it I described my experience of wearing black hose with shorts while my wife and I attended our local high school football game. People are becoming quite indifferent to this sort of thing--at least in some quarters.

    One other thing, (shameless plug coming up) the ActivSkin legwear is definitely more durable than the average women's hosiery. I've worn both and I can tell you that (on average) you get more wearings out of our stuff than you will out of a pair of L'eggs Sheer Vitality or similar. Basically, men are probably going to be less patient than women with really flimsy legwear that runs the first time you wear it.

    Thanks for your great comments!


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