Monday, August 24, 2009

C'mon, Show Support: Men In Tights

A very positive article appeared on the West Palm Beach Examiner website, entitled, "C'mon, Show Support: Men In Tights". The writer, Ms. Abby Waters, shows herself to be very open-minded with respect to the emerging men's legwear trend. We here at The Nylon Gene are, of course, very familiar with all this ado about legwear, but it is refreshing to see someone not so acclimated take such an accommodating view.

She even goes so far as to include a couple of style tips for guys wearing tights:

1. Darker colors seem to be more flattering. Pairing them with a cable sweater and great loafers or boots would be really great looking.

2. A Crisp cotton short worn out and over the tight is a good look.

She's already received 42 comments (updated as of 8/26), most of which are very positive. Thanks, Abby! Keep up the good work.

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