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SkinKiss Caffeinated Mantyhose - National caffeine | Examiner.com

Restrictive caffeinated pantyhose work out with a fury - National caffeine Examiner.com

An interesting article publised by a fellow Examiner writer (I, too, write for the Examiner). He writes about his experience testing a pair of SKIN KISS caffeine-impregnated tights. I did not realize that caffeine could be absorbed through the skin such as this. Apparently, it has beneficial effects on skin tone and firmness, as well as slimming down the legs and getting rid of cellulite.
The article links to clinical testing results on the SKIN KISS website, which provide further details for those interested. According to the blog author (and the test results), the caffeine in the hosiery also have the effect that most of us are accustomed to when we drink coffee--"resistance to fatigue". Who would've thought you could keep yourself awake with a pair of pantyhose? But, apparently that's the case.

I noted with some interest that the author apparently had few if any qualms about trying out pantyhose while researching this article. As a guy who's been wearing them for better leg circulation for years, I can attest to how much they can benefit guys who don't suffer from stereotypical hangups that can close us off from things that could be helpful to us. I suspect his willingness to give them a try is a product of the big shift in public perception of the men's legwear concept (aka, mantyhose) in recent years.

Ten years ago, hardly any male would dare admit having even TRIED wearing pantyhose--even if researching an article--let alone actually consider taking it up. Today, however, if a guy walks down a busy downtown street wearing hose with a pair of shorts, hardly anyone gives so much as a second glance. I can attest to this from firsthand experience, as anyone who's read this blog for any length of time is aware. Men's legwear may not have become commonplace yet, but it's certainly lost those misinformed association as for women only. If people pay any attention at all, they typically assume there must be some sort of medical/leg health reason behind it.
The blog author doesn't mention whether he encountered any second looks or comments while working out at the gym. I'm assuming he didn't or he would've probably made note of it. Since he says he was wearing sheer black hose and he has pretty hairy legs, if anyone paid attention I would guess it had more to do with how a bunch of matted leg hair would look under sheer nylon legwear. When I go out running in my neighborhood, I often wear sheer black legwear with my running shorts, and no one bats an eye. But then again, I keep the hair on my legs short so it doesn't show up underneath.

He seemed to be somewhat taken with the concept, but wished for some caffeine mantyhose that were designed for the male body (fly opening, more room in front, etc.). He may not be aware how many sources now sell tights and hose that ARE made specifically for men--although none are caffeine-infused (yet). Who knows, maybe that'll be the next big idea from ActivSkin?...


  1. hi,steve this is bill phillips from rushville,illinois. i just read your blog about the skinkiss caffeinated tights and i went to the website and i was wondering if those tights are for men and women or for men only. also i wanted to tell you that i have been compression pantyhose that are for men&women and there are called jobst compression pantyhose and i tried them on the first time and i like them real good. but i wanted to ask you if it is ok if i could wear women's pantyhose to support my legs,because i have lost weight and i have a gotten a little taller now,so i was wondering what kind of women's pantyhose should i wear or should i wear unisex hosiery. could you e-mail me at wwcroom@frontiernet.net and let me know back soon if i should wear women's pantyhose or not. thanks steve.

  2. Hi Bill,
    Glad you liked the article. As far as I'm aware, the SkinKISS hose are actually made for women. The blog author wasn't trying them out because they are for men, but because he writes about caffeine, and they contain caffeine.

    I've worn the Jobst compression pantyhose before. They're not too bad. However, I'm not terribly crazy about the texture. I think they also make a style for men--probably only in black.

    As for the last question, you can wear women's pantyhose as well as men's. However, men's or unisex styles are going to be better tailored to male body proportions. For instance, hosiery made especially for men are going to fit the taller body better.

    Many guys DO wear women's hosiery for a couple of reasons. They may not like purchasing via mail order, and the only way to get them retail is to buy women's hosiery. They may also have been wearing a certain women's brand for many years before the men's styles became more widely available and brand loyalty keeps them coming back. The reality is, if someone is aware you're wearing pantyhose, they most likely won't be able to discern whether they're L'eggs or ActivSkin.

  3. hi,steve this is bill phillips from rushville,illinois. thanks for answering my comment about wearing women's pantyhose. i forgot to tell you i have lost weight on my legs and i feel alot better. so my question is would it be alright if i could wear women's pantyhose like l'eggs or any brands of pantyhose. also i wanted to let you know about the jobst compression pantyhose that i have. i do like them but i want to try a another pair of compression pantyhose. can you tell me which brands of pantyhose that has compression. could you e-mail me at wwcroom@frontiernet.net and let me know which brands of pantyhose that has compression and if i could wear women's pantyhose and name brands. thanks steve.


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