Friday, June 25, 2010

The Stupidest Men's Products Ever Invented (PICTURES)

I posted the following comment to The Huffington Post's June 25th article, The Stupidest Men's Products Ever Invented:

"There's no question most of the things on the list are downright stupid. However, I would plead the case for granting 'mantyhose' a little more slack. While the name can be a bit much to take when paired up with all the copycat 'man-names' for things (i.e., manpris, guyliner, etc, etc) the basic concept is fairly sound. Guys have been discovering what a lot of women have known for a long time, but won't own up to: hose can energize your legs when you've got a job that keeps you on your feet all day, or the 40s hit you hard with some varicose veins and such. There's as many men as women who are bothered by these, yet there's nothing out there to address it.

That's why so many men are starting to try them out these days. I know from firsthand experience, since I spent all of last year working as a marketing director for a company that sell tights and sheer hose made especially for men. Our sales were strong and consistent, and my blog, The Nylon Gene consistently draws about 4000-5000 new visitors per month, looking for more info on the growing men's legwear trend.

So, before we are too quick to rank it among the most stupid men's items ever--try them out and see what you think. My blog provides tons of background info on the practical benefits provided by men's hosiery."
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost. To find my comment and replies, look for 6:49 pm on 6/25. I was about the 130th person to comment, and currently there are 200 comments.


  1. Hey, you might want to check this out,, it is an ad for 'men's tights' in 1961, seems that legwear isn't something new after all.

  2. Here's a reminder on the history of pantyhose and why women had to shave:


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