Thursday, August 12, 2010

Walking Mantyhose Advertisement at Amusement Park

About a week ago, my family and I took a little day trip to Cedar Point Amusement Park here in Ohio, with another family with whom we're good friends. While there I was, in the words of my 14-year old son, "a walking advertisement" for mantyhose in general, and ActivSkin in particular. It wasn't so much the legwear I wore for the trip--it was the T-shirt. 

I've long ago discovered that in most settings, other people don't readily notice when I'm wearing suntan-colored hose with shorts. The color blends in well enough with my skin tone that few people notice, unless they have reason and opportunity to focus on my legs for more than a second or two. (That does seem to be changing a bit, but more on that in another post). In any event, wearing suntan pantyhose (or, mantyhose, if you will) with shorts to an amusement park full of the biggest, fastest roller coasters in the U.S., as well as tens of thousands of other people, does NOT get noticed.

Sooo, if you're an active advocate for men's legwear such as I am, you might wear something like the T-shirt that I wore to Cedar Point when we went last Friday. As I've said, wearing skintone hose with shorts isn't likely to get noticed among the crowds making their way through the park or the lines for rides. However, it's another case entirely you underscore it with the shirt pictured here.

For those who may have trouble reading the graphic, here's what it says (below the ActivSkin logo and URL):

Changing Hearts & Minds... From Pantyhose, to MANTYHOSE!
  • Warmth-Without-Bulk for Athletes & Outdoorsmen
  • Enhanced Leg Circulation for Energizing Support of Tired, Achy Legs
  • Muscle Compression for Improved Performance & Stamina
  • Protection Against Chafing & Blisters for Horseback Riders and Others
Why Not Try A Pair Today?

Of course, the first thing readers will want to know is how people reacted to my 'walking advertisement'? (BTW, my son wasn't bothered by it at all, he was merely making a casual observation when he said it).  In a nutshell... nothing.  They didn't.  I could tell a certain amount of people with whom we waited in line (for all those hours) were checking to see whether I was wearing what my T-shirt was promoting.  Yet no sign of disapproval or disdain could be detected, even when they weren't aware I noticed that THEY had noticed.  Nor were there any whispered comments from behind, accompanied by giggling or snickering.  I was paying attention to the reactions of others, and not a single person gave any evidence of negativity. 

What's the 'take home' from all this?  Basically, that people are slowly becoming more aware of the growing mantyhose trend, and when they encounter it, they don't really care if a guy's wearing hose or not.  Mind you, I was wearing them in an undeniably masculine context, meaning that the other clothing I wore was typical 'guy clothes' and didn't call into question my masculinity.  I can't speak to how people might react to someone dressing in a less-than-masculine outfit along with a pair of pantyhose.  But then again, we're exploring the emerging male pantyhose trend here on The Nylon Gene, not dressing in feminine clothing. 

So, maybe you've been considering finding out what this new trend is all about, but are afraid of how it might be received by others.  Hopefully, the experience I've shared above will help get you past that.  As the T-shirt says, "Why Not Try A Pair Today?"


  1. Hello there!
    Yesterday my very first pair of Activskin Ribbed light support tights arrived in the post. they feel really great, but I had a question:
    Is there a back and a front way of wearing the tights? (they have gusset, but no fly)
    I look forward to ordering more products.

  2. I just got sick and tired of hiding behind jeans and trousers - especially in this incredibly hot summer. So twice in the last week, I decided after 30 years of mulling it around that I would venture out in cargo shorts and pantyhose. Always being nervous about how others would perceive me, I found out that my fretting was all about nothing - nothing at all. The first outing I was in dark blue shorts with a suntan hose. Going to a very busy rest stop I was a little nervous but I don't think anyone even noticed. I ended up in 2 places in Philly and I might have had one person noticed but she just continued to what she was doing.

    The second outing a couple days later, I was traveling in a much more conservative upstate NY. This time, I was in black hose and dark tan cargo shorts. I had to get some flowers for my wife and ended up in Price Chopper supermarket. The place was quite busy and although I was a little nervous, I had to go in. Again, no one cared as far as I knew. The only "incident" was when getting the flowers, the young clerk (perhaps 23-24 y.o.) just asked isn't it a little warm? I told her I actually felt very comfortable (at 92 deg. outside) and that it actually feels cooler with the tights on. I told her it was "medical" just to not feel awkward - but she replied "oh - that's cool". Walking around the city, I didn't notice anyone having a double take.

    I feel much more comfortable about going out in hose as long as I dress conservatively and not make a big issue about it. I enjoy the comforts of pantyhose and hope the trend is towards mass acceptance.

    My wife is not cool at all at my wardrobe choices but I told her very early on years ago and she grudgingly accepts it. I just don't flaunt it around her and if it wasn't the fact that I am a great husband, she would not go for this.

  3. Where may I find 1 or 5 of these shirts to buy???? I NEED some!

  4. Kevin, I had them made by VistaPrint the last time they ran promo prices for free basic printing. I used PhotoShop to create the designs for it, then exported them to a PDF.

    I can upload those to my folder wo you, and anyone else who wishes to, can download them and use them to create ActivSkin shirts like the one in my article.

    Let me know how they turn out for you.

  5. Kevin (and everyone else, too):

    Here are links to four PDF files I uploaded to that you can use to have T-shirts made up. You should use the white background ones, since they'll be able to be printed on black T-shirt:

    Take some pics of yourself wearing it out somewhere.


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